Terms of the Survey 

The annual “TOP-Employer” survey is carried out by the recruitment company Ltd. “CV-Online Latvia”, reg. Nr. 40003480317, legal address: Baznīcas iela 20/22-30, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia, further referred as the Organizer.

The main objective of the survey is to determine the most attractive and popular employer in Latvia, on which the greatest number wants to work for. As well as to determine leading employers in business sectors and the most active representatives in Latvian labour market. The most popular employers from regions with the highest number evaluations gained will be identified additionally.

The survey consists of mandatory questions and optional questions. In case a respondent gives answers to all survey questions, he is allowed to register for the draw, further referred as the Raffle and win the grand prize of 500 EUR.

1.The survey is conducted in the Internet environment, www.TOPdarbadevejs.lv, where every participant of the Latvian labor market can participate.
2. Period of data collecting by survey method: from 13.01.2021. until 23.02.2021.
3. The survey includes:

  • Three mandatory questions;
  • Mandatory demographic questions;
  • Sample questions, indicating names of employers from different business sectors and regions.

4. In order to qualify for the grand prize, a respondent has to give answers to all questions and specify his e-mail for registration.
5. The grand prize is 500 EUR (after taxes). The organizer undertakes the responsibility to withhold and transfer the income taxes of the prize to State Revenue Service. The prize will be transferred to the winner within three working days when the winner has received an e-mail confirmation about receiving the prize and contact Organizer. Winner will have to show an identity card and sign an Acceptance Report in order to get the prize.
6. You are allowed to register one e-mail address only once.
7. The drawing of the prize will be held on 25.02.2021. The Organizer will contact the winner in two working days after drawing by registered e-mail.
8. The results of the Raffle will be published at www.TOPdarbadevejs.lv, where the winner’s e-mail will be indicated in part, for example: [email protected]
9. The winner has to reply on the Organizer’s message within one month and apply for the prize.
10. A participant assumes full responsibility for the indication of reliable and accurate information when registering.
11. When filling out the survey, a respondent confirms a voluntary participation when filling out the survey.
12. All answers of participants are strictly confidential and will be published in a generalized form.
13. By registering the data, the participant agrees to process and store given data during the entire period of the Raffle, as well as for their further storage in the organizer’s database as long as it is required in accordance with the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia.
14. By registering, the participant confirms that he has read, acquaints and agrees with the Terms of this Survey.