Methodology of the Survey

The Survey “TOP Employer 2019” will be held in the period from December 2nd until January 26th (2020) at
Quotative Research Method is used in the study – this is a survey, conducted in the Internet environment in Latvian, Russian and English.

The main objective of the survey is to determine the most attractive and popular employer in Latvia, for whom the greatest number of people wants to work. As well as to determine leading employers in business sectors and highly rated employers in Latvian regions. TOP 50 employers will be determined in accordance with number of votes being received.
All respondents of the “TOP Employer 2019” Survey, we would like to ask you to name the first employer that comes to mind, by Top-of-Mind principle. TOP 50 employers will be determined in accordance with votes being received. This question will be mandatory for all respondents.

Additional questions will be asked about employers in selected business sectors: Production, IT and Telecommunications, Finance, Trade, Transport and Logistics, and Catering sector. Similarly, the TOP Employers will be named among Latvian regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale. Employers from different categories for whom he wants to vote are offered by the choice of a respondent.
Any company could be added to the TOP 50 Employers list regardless the representative of what industry it is, it’s number of employees, or any other criteria. The key principles are – the “Top-of-Mind” principle and the number of votes collected.

When answering the question about the specific business sector or region, the ready-made list of options will be offered to the respondent, as well as an opportunity to write down a custom response in case the company is not in the list of options given in the Survey. Companies that are in the list of response options have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • The company with the largest Net turnover in 2018 (TOP 500)* and at least 50 employees;
  • The main line of the business corresponds to one of the six business sectors of the Survey, or region*;
  • All TOP 5 companies from each of the categories of the “TOP Employer 2018” Survey.

Company have to match at least with two of criteria.

TOP Employers of specific business sectors and regions will be determined in the same way.

* Source